We've undergone some branding changes recently and you can now find us at www.BlusionLaundry.com

We're still family owned with the same Wash & Fold service you're used to,
we've just updated our name from Blusion Wash to Blusion Laundry.
If you haven't been redirected yet, please click here

Blusion Laundry Bags
For more regular users

Sign up and receive a Blusion Bag which are a flat-rate price of $24.95 per use.
Your account info is stored and you are only charged when you use it. 
Easy text notifications when your laundry is ready for pickup.

Per Pound drop off,
for large orders or more irregular dropoffs

Bring your items in, provide your contact info and pay $1.05/lb ($10 minimum) .
You'll receive a call when your laundry is ready for pickup and pay each time in store.