On March 13th, we've officially closed our self-service option as we focus on growing our wash & fold business.

We want to say thank you for letting us grow.

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Since opening in 2012, we weren't quite sure where this journey would take us.  We definitely didn't expect the support and love that we received from the Atlanta community and our self-service customers.    Truly, it's been remarkable and heart-warming being a family business and getting to interact with so many of our local residents on such a regular basis.  

We know that we've made many changes over the years to our self-service customers in terms of shortening hours and changing rules.   We were trying to hold onto it as long as possible, but in fairness to both our self service customers and our future with Blusion, we've made the decision to permanently close down self service.  We were unable to provide the best service to our self-service customers while processing and managing our Wash & Fold orders.

We want to thank you for being a part of our growth and transition.  We know we've affected a lot of people by this change and want to sincerely apologize.  It wasn't in our original plans, but as our business model has changed over the years, we had to make the hard call.  We love all of you and wouldn't be here without you.  Self-service will always hold a special place in our hearts.

With love and appreciation,
The Blusion Family & Staff