Our germ-killing technology is perfect for small businesses and commercial accounts. You can get the benefits of Blusion without doing the work! Contact us today at to discuss your business washing needs.

      Beauty Salons
      Barber Shops
      Spas & Physical Therapists
      Hookah Lounges
      Pet Groomers
      Inns/Bed & Breakfast

Blusion Benefits:
       >> Cost & Time Effective
       >> Germ-Killing Technology
       >> Longer-lasting Linens
       >> Reduce Your Carbon Footprint

How It Works...

1. Set up your B4B service by contacting or (404) 549-7964. Let us know what type of items (towels, linens, etc.) you will be washing, how often, and how you would like us to fold them (roll, fold, etc.). We will set a NO-CONTRACT based service for your business & will work with you to provide a cost effective service.
2. Once your B4B service has been set up, simply drop off your items when needed.
3. We wash in our cold-water, germ-killing technology with hypo-allergenic detergent. If you have specific washing needs (such as adding bleach) please address them in setting up your service---you can always request a change in services.
4. Items are folded and bagged.
5. We will contact you for pick-up as soon as items are finished.
6. Pick up your items and repeat!

Blusion4Business Terms of Service

Blusion Wash + Dry is not responsible for:
* items that bleed, shrink, or otherwise change as a result of normal washing.
* lost articles unless proven we were responsible for loss.
* any items left in our store over 30 days.
* items labeled "hand wash only" or "dry clean only" and not responsible for checking labels. Please check before droping your items off.
* loss of or damage to any personal or non-cleanable items left in clothing such as money, jewerly, cufflings, belts, or anything else. Though we try as hard as possible to track these items, we are not responsible for them.
* damage to your garments from items left in pockets (lipstick, pen, gum, lighter, etc.)

Blusion Wash + Dry does not guarantee removal of all stains.
Blusion Wash + Dry reserves the right to refuse customers or refuse cleaning any item
Blusion Wash + Dry will NOT clean items infested with bed bugs, mites, fleas or any such contagious parasites or insects.
Blusion Wash + Dry will waive any agreed upon pricing if service is not used for 90 days (unless otherwise stated in the service agreement). We will ask you to submit a new request for the B4B service.

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